Could you be a t4w Roving Reporter?


t4w Roving Reporter brief

Are you outgoing, confident and do you get the t4w vision? If so a whole new t4w world awaits you…



The task:

  • To recruit members, contributors, and sponsors
  • To review local hostelries, things to do and the like
  • The job is what you make it!

Contact us for a chat if at all interested.

More details

I should spell out a little more about the role to avoid any misunderstandings. It is not paid in any traditional way, but rather is performance-based and we need to trust each other on this. Occasional lump-sum payments are made and the role tends to evolve and take shape as it goes along, starting out of interest and a wish to support.

If you recruit lots of new members, write great articles and/or find a significant collaborator, then this of course would all be notable. If you get sponsors, then we would pay generous commissions.

One great perk is that the reporter can undertake restaurant and other reviews on the back of t4w…a win/win situation for everyone!

Overall you just need to get the vision and be excited to be involved at whatever level works for you.

All the best