The Cost of Marriage Breakdown

The Cost of Marriage Breakdown

Calculator_1The ramifications of a marriage breakdown can be costly both financially and emotionally.

It is widely considered that instructing a solicitor is rarely a cheap option however it can be cost effective and offers the peace of mind that you have specialists on your side looking out for your best interests at a time when it may take all of your energy to simply get through each day. The decision as to whether to have legal representation can be a difficult one to make, especially if there is already a question about whether there are sufficient funds within the marriage to effectively fund two homes.

Legal advice should not be ruled out simply because of concerns over costs as it is possible that you may agree to a financial settlement which is not fair or as favourable as it should be. The value of the settlement that you could miss out on may exceed the amount you would have spent on legal advice. Similarly, if you are a wife whose husband has always handled the finances, which is not at all uncommon, then it may well be that you do not really know what is available for distribution. An investment in legal advice is something which should therefore be considered carefully and viewed as that.

The debt which accrues in relation to legal fees will be deducted from the “matrimonial pot” prior to its division as it is a justifiable and reasonable liability to have incurred. Specialist litigation loans are available in some cases and these have to be repaid from the settlement. In certain circumstances it may also be possible to obtain an order which requires your husband/wife to pay you a sum to meet your legal fees.

In addition to the financial cost of a marriage breakdown, the emotional toll should not be underestimated. It is not uncommon to feel Calm_1overwhelmed by the decisions you will have to make which are likely to have far reaching financial consequences on the rest of your life. By receiving expert legal advice, you can ensure that you fully understand the options available to you and take comfort in having someone looking out for your best interests at all times.

Lester Aldridge has a specialist family team with a wealth of experience in dealing with relationship breakdown. The various levels of experience within the team mean that the most appropriate, and ultimately cost effective, person can deal with your matter. We can explore a range of funding options with you as well as give you detailed estimates of the costs to be incurred at each stage of the process.