The Fashion and Beauty Trends of 2014

The Fashion and Beauty Trends of 2014

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Fashion_1The concepts of fashion and beauty are constantly being reinvented. Like the intense popularity of viral videos we see on the internet, what is in fashion today may be old hat by next week and keeping up with the latest fashion trends and make-up secrets can sometimes be as taxing as working a 40 hour week and this is often done in your spare time.

Although the market is constantly changing, one thing that remains the same is – ironically – the idea of innovation. Experts are always looking for new and exciting ways to create bigger and better make-up for cutthroat prices that fit into our busy daily routines. It is all well and good to know how to create a film star Hollywood look, however if it takes you four hours to complete the ‘look’ every morning, it doesn’t work very well for day to day life!

Fast and fashionable is quickly becoming the motto for fashion and beauty nowadays, so let us have a look at some of the quick and innovative new beauty trends that we have seen over the past 12 months for 2014.

Eyebrow Extensions
‘Brow Perfect’ is a relatively new salon treatment designed to extend and fill out the appearance of the brows. With eyebrows often the ‘fashion trends’ of brow styling can change as quickly as the UK’s summer weather report but for now it seems like thin, arched brows are out and extended brow-lines and increased volume is in! The salon treatment lasts approximately 15 minutes and is designed to fill in the gaps and extend the brow line in order to increase texture and cover up plucking mistakes. The treatment lasts between 1-2 weeks.

Teeth Whitening
Although not technically a new fashion process, teeth whitening was once only available for Hollywood stars and those with lots of spare Teeth_1money on hand. However with home kits now readily available and cheaper surgeries being performed by local, professional dentists, it costs a lot less to get your teeth whitened professionally!

The ‘Natural Look’ is a trend that often waxes and wanes in the celebrity world and while certain celebrities have always been proud of their virtually makeup free faces, it has started to become a lot more popular recently. However ‘the natural look’ is not always synonymous with ‘no make-up’ as this can often involve products such as concealer, natural foundation and smooth looking eyeliner. It is all in the details and in the idea of ‘less is more’ however there have been some stars who have started to flaunt the complete organic look, such as Jessica Alba and Miranda Kerr.

Not much is known about this new form of ‘fat zapping’ treatment however it is known that it uses ice cold temperatures to ‘dissolve’ pockets of fat and is fast becoming a popular and scalpel free alternative to liposuction and other forms of fat removal.

Make up for Men                                                                                                                                                                                                                           grooming_1Finally, a range for men! While not necessary make up in the literal sense, male grooming is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Finally the men have a say in making themselves look younger and more groomed for potential partners.
With an official make up range having been launched by Tom Ford and a number of male massages and manicures going up over the past year it seems like more men in general are paying attention to their personal grooming habits. Moustache and beard grooming and wax kits are more readily available and with all the recent hype for moustaches there are even guides and books on how to style and shampoo your ‘stache!

Whatever your personal preference, whether you are a fan of the ‘au natural’ look or whether you simply cannot leave the house without even a little bit of makeup, what is most important is that you feel happy and comfortable in your own skin. With a number of special beauty treatments available, from cosmetics to anti-ageing creams to spa days at your local health club, it is important that you take good care of yourself and your skin and be comfortable with who you are!

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