Choosing the Perfect Diamond Ring

Choosing the Perfect Diamond Ring

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Diamond_1Diamond rings can be gloriously beautiful especially when you get exactly what you are looking for. Each person has their own taste from the type of metal to the design of the diamond, making each ring unique and special for each individual. Knowing what you want in a ring is not all that is needed when selecting the right one. Here are the top 5 tips when choosing your diamond ring.

Stay within the budget
Each person has a budget that allows for a specific amount to be spent when searching for an expensive item. If there is a good payment plan with little to no interest then this can be considered even if the amount can be paid off within a year or two. Avoid going into debt and think smart when choosing the right ring for the special occasion.

Determine the style of the diamond ring
The style includes everything from the shape of the diamond, setting, to how many stones preferred. Take for example the Canadian Ice Diamond Ring of Platinum that consists of nine diamonds of 1.66ct. This ring is sold through Laings of Glasgow and is sold for about 3,160 pounds. Nine diamonds surrounds the top portion of the band, making it an outstanding shiny beauty to look at. It will take your breath away and can easily be seen from afar.

Choosing another style such as the Kestrel White Gold Diamond of 18ct is a different style with six diamonds on each side of the heart shaped band. This is simpler than the Canadian Ice but it is still stunning to look at.

Other top 5 tips when choosing your diamond ring consists of selecting a metal. There are various types of metals to choose from with gold, platinum, and silver. Gold is the most expensive, but if it is within the budget it is a great choice. A very popular selection and a new trend is the rose gold, but it tends to cost more pounds than the yellow gold.

A great example of choosing a rose gold ring is the Tacori Half Eternity Diamond Ring that consists of 18ct and is designed to match the engagement collection at Laings of Glasgow. It costs about 1,220 pounds and is simple yet elegant.

There are other ideal metals to choose from that are not as expensive and may fall easier within the budget. A platinum diamond ring such as the Canada Star Half Eternity is not only platinum but consists of 1.04ct and nine similar sized stones. From the band to the setting will determine the pricing along with the metal and how many carats are included.

Choose a Colour
The colour of the diamond may take away value of the stone. If there is a little brown or yellow within the gem then it will not only decrease Diamond_2value but decrease the beauty of the ring. Clear white gemstones are the most highly regarded, considered more valuable.

The final step in the top 5 tips when choosing your diamond ring is insuring it just in case it gets lost or stolen. Have the ring appraised to determine how much it will cost in case something happens to it. This will also help determine how much insurance will be needed to cover any expense. This is the last step, but it is very important when purchasing something that cannot be easily replaced.

By following these tips in selecting a diamond ring will help achieve the goal of the perfect gift and something that will last a lifetime.