The Future of T4w

T4w will live on

carolyn in pinkFollowing the sudden passing of our guiding spirit and life force, work on t4w was suspended, to give the team time to decide on the future of the site without Carolyn.

Carolyn never saw t4w as a commercial venture but as a vital means of giving a voice to a group that she believed had no readily accessible means of publishing the important things they had to say to each other and to others.

The site will always remain as a monument to Carolyn’s passionate beliefs, intellect and determination but ultimately the best tribute that can be paid to this truly remarkable woman is to move the site forward and to continue the work that she felt was so desperately important.

Yes, t4w will never be quite the same without Carolyn, but it will always remain for and about its members.

A small team of editors and supporters will therefore be taking the site forward with the aim of maintaining the spirit and essence of t4w as Carolyn always wanted it to be.

bridge in mistWe are therefore looking for new content from all our many members. If you have something to say of interest to our community of “women not born yesterday”, please send your articles and ideas to us on

Please help us give women a voice.