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TV remote controlt4w recommends: TV and Radio weekly top five
31/10 – 6/11/2015

Some things to fill the void left by the Rugby World Cup …  Ha ha!

Each week we hope to find some interesting gems in the hidden recesses of the TV and radio schedules. Let us know how we are doing with ‘t4w recommends’ by giving us some feedback in the comment box below.

TV Picks

Sunday 1 November 19.05-20.05
Peter Cook & Dudley Moore: The Interviews
You just know it’s going to be funny. Why don’t they repeat more of these two? They are simply better.

Wednesday 4 November 21.00-22.00
Colour: The Spectrum of Science (1/3)
What is colour? What makes colour? Fascinating questions about to be answered.

Thursday 5 November 23.15-1.50
Sky Atlantic
The Unknown Known
A film documentary about Donald Rumsfeld
Highly likely to be weirdly fascinating.


 Radio Picks

Monday 2 November 14.15-15.00
Radio 4
Louis B. Mayer & The Bolshevik Beast
Radio play with Toby Jones – thus quality guaranteed.

Wednesday 3 November 20.30-21.00
Radio 4 Extra
A Dream of Eleanor
Mary Robinson looks at the role Eleanor Roosevelt had in framing the UN Declaration of Human Rights. A pair of interesting ladies.

Let us know if we picked well!