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TV remote controlt4w recommends: TV and Radio weekly top five
7/11 – 13/11/2015

It may be dark outside but here are a few things to brighten the evenings.

Each week we hope to find some interesting gems in the hidden recesses of the TV and radio schedules. Let us know how we are doing with ‘t4w recommends…’ by giving us some feedback in the comment box below.

TV Picks

Sunday 8 November  21.00-22.30
Joanna Lumley: The Search for Noah’s Ark
If anybody can find it Joanna can.

Monday 9 November  21.00-22.00
The Rise of Female Violence
Sometimes the unpleasant truth just has to be faced.

Thursday 12 November  21.00-24.00
Sky Arts
Hemingway & Gellhorn
Starry cast (Clive Owen and Nicole Kidman) in a drama about the romance between Ernest Hemingway and Martha Gellhorn.


 Radio Picks


Saturday 7 November 20.00-21.00
Radio 4
Archive on 4: The End of the Rope.
Serious discussion about the death penalty, heavy but important.

Sunday 8 November  21.00-22.05
Radio 3
Old Times
A rarely performed Pinter play. It will be easy to lose track of time.

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