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TV remote controlt4w recommends: TV and Radio weekly top five
21/11 – 27/11/2015

It may be getting colder outside but the schedules are beginning to hot up.
Each week we hope to find some interesting gems in the hidden recesses of the TV and radio schedules. Let us know how we are doing with ‘t4w recommends…’ by giving us some feedback in the comment box below.

TV Picks

Sunday 22 November 23.05-24.55
Channel 4
Film: Welcome to the Punch
Described as a “slick” thriller. James McAvoy, Mark Strong and David Morrissey add class and heart to the slick.

Monday 23 November 21.00-22.00
Tomorrow’s Food
Dara O’Briain looks at the food of the future. This is important stuff for our children and their children…

Tuesday 24 November 22.30-23.15
Charli XCX: The F Word and Me
It’s not what you are thinking. What’s it like to be a woman in the music industry today? Find out from the women artists themselves. It’s not all bad.

Music-Radio-2-iconRadio Picks


Saturday 21 November 14.30-16.00
Radio 4
Blood, Sex and Money (Emile Zola)
It’s got Robert Lindsay – good. It’s also got Glenda Jackson – better. In fact wonderful
(Part 2 Sunday at 15.00)

Tuesday 24 November 22.00-22.45
Radio 3
The Family is Dead. Long Live the Family
Erudite discussion on how medical advances and social attitudes are effecting family life.

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