White Ribbon Campaign

16 days of action in support of the White Ribbon Campaign

white ribbon posterNov 25th marked the start of 16 days of activism to end violence against women, co-ordinated by The White Ribbon Campaign. The White Ribbon Campaign encourages men to stand up against violence towards women. On the campaign website is this message:

Violence against women happens more than you think. It’s mostly committed by men. We won’t stand for it.

We’re a group of men who know that there’s never an excuse for violence against women. We pledge never to condone it, or to stand by when we know it’s happening. We’re part of a worldwide movement. There are thousands of us. Join us. Stand with us.

If you would like to know more about the White Ribbon Campaign go to the White Ribbon Campaign website.

In support of the campaign, one of our readers, herself a victim of sexual violence, has shared this poem. She wishes to remaim anonymous. The poem comes with a trigger warning.

No Form For The Wicked

A poem for all women who suffer like this

If eyes are the windows of the soul,

your eyes were jumpy,

unkempt fingernails, long

as that knowing forceful hand you pushed inside.

You quelled my voice,

you ruptured innocence,

stumped the heart attack of my womb that shuddered.


Held grief wailed with me when she was

being pushed down to the earth, birth canal you

violated, the mark of you, beast, remained.

The beauty of baby blue eyes, daughter!

blotted him whole from the pits of my mind,

for decades I writhed as if I had complied,

it took me sober years to feel.


I’ve cried.