Astrological Inspiration

Astrological Inspiration for December 2015

full moonThe New Moon on December’s 11th occurs in Sagittarius, the zodiac sign associated with the archer. The related astrological symbol is an arrow, pointing North West, encapsulating sign characteristics of aiming high and thinking big. We could say Sagittarius ‘wants it all’, although may be more patient than fellow Fire sign Aries, who generally ‘wants it now’!

Sagittarius vision often reaches towards a far away goal, using a clever mind to formulate a strategy to get near it. Many Sagittarians have natural reserves of high energy, helping them get behind their ambitions. We can each borrow some of these traits this month. We may want to pack a lot in over Christmas or aim for a peaceful time. We may be wondering how we will manage everything, or cope with less than ideal conditions – but, somehow, the energy and spirit will be there!

Not everyone identifies completely, or greatly, with the traits of the zodiac sign that is supposedly theirs (the Sun sign, or ‘birth’ sign, based on day and month of birth). Within the internal logic of astrological techniques, there can be several reasons for this, including the popular argument that the other, main celestial bodies in the chart (ie the Moon and planets) are often in other signs, so, for a fuller picture, the whole chart needs to be considered.

Whilst that is a valid argument, there are also simpler ways to locate meaning sometimes. Did you know, for example, that the planet Venus’ orbits can never be more than two signs away from the Sun? (There are 30 degrees in each zodiac sign and Venus always orbits within 48 degrees of the Sun). So, someone born between 22 November-22 December, the typical period when the Sun is in Sagittarius, will have Venus in either Sagittarius, or one of two signs either side – that is, in Libra or Scorpio (before) or Capricorn or Aquarius (after).

heartsVenus shows what we love and value and how we relate to others, so Sagittarians may connect more with other traits, such as Libran fairness and harmony needs, Scorpio intensity and feelings of jealousy, Capricorn control and responsibility or Aquarian humanitarianism and individuality.

To work out which is likely to be your Venus sign, you just need to know your Sun sign and check on the list of consecutive signs below, noting the two signs either side – and remembering that the zodiac belt goes around in a seamless, circular fashion (so Pisces continues on to Aries).

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

As an example, if you know someone who has a baby due around 25th March 2016, the Sun will be in Aries at that time, whilst Venus will be in Pisces. Knowing the traits about other signs can help with starting to narrow down a likely Venus sign, as you may recognise certain qualities. Our previous articles at totally4Women list certain traits

The visionary Sagittarius new Moon makes December 11th-24th a good time for looking ahead towards greater goals for the future. The full Moon falls on Christmas Day pitting the Sun in Capricorn against Moon in Cancer, suggesting it will be a good idea to remember that everyone’s feelings matter – and that feelings do pass, good and bad!

lights on treeHopefully Christmas will be merry, but it can bring a variety of pressures, so how do we cope with sparky moments or if an ‘atmosphere’ clouds over? With the Moon in Cancer, we can remember care and nurturing, helping to re-parent the inner child in ourselves and others.

Even if, externally, we resemble adults, trigger points (hyper-sensitivity to comments and other occurrences that set us off-balance) can regress us temporarily into stored memories, feelings and emotional-spiritual wounds from childhood experiences – at least according to John Lee, author of Growing Yourself Back up. Re-parenting includes engaging with compassion and asking what our/their need is, in that moment – and then doing our best to meet it. Failing that, taking refuge in food is also an option over the festive season!

The Healing Edge

It’s that time of year when along side the festivities, viruses come out to play. Fish oils and Vitamin C are the traditional immunity boosters, but modern research also favours Zinc. Determination to avoid another virus-filled winter, led me to black elderberry extract, often sold as a supplement, combined with Vitamin C and Zinc – this, together with regular probiotics proved to be a winning formula.

Cranio-sacral therapist and Reflexologist Maxine Martin swears by probiotics to help keep dodgy bugs at bay – a straightforward Acidophilus supplement can be enough. Cranio-sacral therapy can also give the body a tremendous boost by helping the system to ‘reset’ itself. If your joints are aching, your back is sore, or, if a baby is not sleeping well, Cranio-sacral therapy may help, as well as assisting many other conditions. Further information is available at or speak to Maxine at her Fareham, Hampshire-based practice on 01329 510618.

Writing and Publishing Trends

child on roadEven if the expression ‘life is a journey’ is rather hackneyed these days, we don’t seem to tire of the theme judging by our predilection for reading memoirs and biographies. The hiking memoir is often fascinating, not just because of the experience of change that the author goes through, or the sights revealed alongside inner reflections. It is interesting to find out what makes someone sign up for a difficult trek cross the Himalayas or the ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Perhaps a few go along just to do ‘something different’, but there is often a hidden desire for escape from an intolerable situation, or a need for a serious, as yet undefined, change. One such book that has made an impact is Wild: A Journey from Lost to Found by Cheryl Strayed, where the author goes trail walking, as a way to cope with devastating bereavement after losing her mother.

For readers, the story may potentially be as life-changing as for the person writing it; Nick Hornby, who wrote the screenplay for a film version of Wild, described it as one of the best books he had read in the last decade.

You may know Hornby as the author of the largely biographical novel, High Fidelity, a book that changed how I felt about novels since, finally, someone was writing about experiences I could fully relate to. Hornby links life events with the popular music around his central character, who works in a record shop (before I left home for university life, I had a Saturday job in a record shop – it was and probably still is one of my favourite jobs!) Maybe music-based memoirs will become a new trend in the near future.

Reflection for the month

Some lucky people go away for Christmas – not just to visit relatives, but, in some cases, on hotel breaks. For these lucky ones, work and family issues can be left behind – unless you have trouble switching off your mind. Even then, physically relocating for a sufficient time can mean even the mind gradually relaxes, lending more peace and freedom – along with a fresh perspective.

The Sagittarian task in life might be summed up in the phrase ‘to expand one’s horizons’. The Sagittarian viewpoint is often outward, across the horizon of life, looking towards a goal, which may be near or far away. The journey, of course, is what is involved in getting towards the realisation of that goal. Perhaps it is mapped in the imagination, initially, but, soon, some actions and steps need to be taken to make it real – and, indeed, to start seeing the next steps along the way.

road mapAs with a road map, we can maybe see the general path, but can’t anticipate ahead all the details en route. Sagittarius would probably not want that anyway, for here is a sign often rather irritated by the minutiae of life! And often cannot tolerate a build up of feelings. Perhaps it is something to do with coming next in line in the zodiac after the intensity that is the Scorpio experience, but, Sun-Sagittarians can have a short fuse. Those who don’t want ‘a scene’ may well sidestep an issue entirely by taking off for a while.

In psychology that choice may be termed as ‘doing a geographical’ – ie, removing oneself to another place as a way of coping with something difficult, but without actually solving the problem. Yet, isn’t it important, sometimes, to pull back from a situation and gain a better perspective? After all, that is a part of what holidays and breaks are about. We may have a chance to rest, or spend more time with people we care about, to go to places we enjoy – or have some brief respite from those we regularly give a lot of our energy to.

Spiritual practices and religious beliefs may allow for time reflecting on the meaning of the themes around this time of the year. If we are fortunate to be able to go abroad for a winter break, maybe we can have the full Sagittarian experience, having it all, with good weather, food and accommodation needs provided for, entertainment or relaxation on tap – or whatever it is that makes up the dream holiday. Somehow, that brings to mind Freddie Mercury’s singing in Queen’s song: I Want it All! And why not! Let’s hope everyone can have at least some of the experiences they would prefer for this Christmas.

Tarot Cross Check

christmas stockingsThis month’s numerology gives the number 20 which, in Tarot systems, is represented as XX Judgement. The New Moon day is an 11 so, as with last month, Strength or Justice is the relevant card, depending on which style of card deck is used (Rider Waite Smith Tarot or the Marseille Tarot). There is also a further number that can be derived from adding and reducing down to 4 – relating to IV The Emperor in the tarot. This suggests that carefully judged decisions made in December can provide a new foundation and structure for the future. It might be a battle between strength of opinion and what seems fair, right and just, as to the direction those decisions take.

Finally, what will be in your ideal stocking for the 25th? Will it be peace, joy, love, kindness, fairness, warmth, hope, security, luxury and pampering? Whatever it may be, perhaps you will see it represented around you over the festive season. That’s symbolism for you!