Living in a Man’s World

Living in a Man’s World is Making me Grumpy!

The older I get the more obvious it becomes that I’m living in a man’s world.

old world mapBy the time you are in your forties, you are surrounded by a disproportionate number of men in senior positions. It’s frankly galling.

I’m sick of the fact that on average, men still earn considerably more than women.

I hate the fact that staying at home to look after your children is still largely regarded as feeble, rather than an incredible contribution to society.

I’m sick of the way women are portrayed by the media.

I’m sick of the pressure put on teenage girls to conform to a sexualised fantasy. (Oh, and grown-up women too.)

I’m appalled by the figures on domestic violence, and the fact that mainly male politicians vote through cuts which shut women’s refuges. (Thanks very much lads.)

I’m bored and frustrated by the prevalence of everyday sexism which casually dimishes women’s lives in so many ways.

And I’m sick of an adversarial political system, which alienates so many women and leaves us underrepresented.

I could go on. There is so much more out there to be cross about. (It must be my hormones … ha ha)

But I’m also sick of being grumpy. So I shall smile sweetly, like a nice docile female should, and accept our collective lot until the weekend is over. Then the revolution starts! Anyone in?

(On the grounds that the writer is plotting revolution, she has asked to remain anonymous!)