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16 – 22/01/2016

t4w recommends… is back for the New Year and bursting with good things.

TV Picks

Sunday 17 January  21.00-22.50
Film: Looper
A clever and witty sci-fi film starring Bruce Willis – yes there is one and this is it! Far better than your average futuristic film involving hit men.

Monday 18 January  22.45-23.15
The Tracey Ullman Show
She is back and she is funny, funny, funny.

Tuesday 19 January  22..00-12.35
Film: State of Play
Excellent adaption of the BBC drama serial. Russell Crowe plays John Simm and Ben Affleck plays David Morrissey. Absorbing and sophisticated.


Radio Picks


Wednesday 20 January  21.00-21.30
Radio 4
Science Stories: The Meteorite and the Hidden Hoax
Excellent series this. What is the secret a French meteorite held? The truth is out there.

Thursday 21 January  12.00-13.00   
Radio 3
Composer of the Week: Dutilleux
Interesting chap Msr.D. and his music worth an hour of your time for sure.

Let us know if t4w recommends… has got it right for you this week.