Never complain about your body …

Never complain about your body, as it’s the one you will wish you had in ten years time!

jeans on washing lineI have just washed my jeans and they are hanging up on a drying rack looking alarmingly small. I think they must have shrunk. I fear the only way to get back into them will be by lying on the floor and wriggling. To actually zip them up, I shall have to hold my breath and flatten my tummy to nothing.

I have been following this technique all my life. It’s the only way. I either suffer the indignity of the floor wriggle or never wash the jeans at all and frankly my dear, that just isn’t sanitary. Once they are back on, they quickly remould to my shape. I have found that a couple of squats help  – and they come under the umbrella of “fitness” so have the added of bonus of ticking the exercise box! Then all is right with the world until the jeans need a further dunking in the washing machine.

If only it were so easy to sort out the rest of me. I recently read this:

Never complain about your body, as it’s the one you will wish you still had in ten years time.

N’er was a truer word spoken! I have found that the word body is interchangeable with face, hair, hands and the list goes on. Oh my goodness, I rue the times that I did not think that my body was beach ready and so stubbornly refused to expose it. I would love nothing more than to have my ten-years-ago-body now! I would spring into a bikini before you can say “This is so much easier to get on than jeans!”

wrinkles on a dogTen years ago, I had no wrinkles and yet I would search for them with a magnifying mirror. I don’t need the magnifying mirror now! They are there! A distinct 111 has etched itself between my eyebrows. I loathe it and yet I suspect that in ten years time my face will be cracking into even more pieces and I will still be bemoaning my loss and will crave the One Hundred and Eleven ranking that I am at today.

It’s the same with my hands, my stomach, my décolletage, my eyes and, oh heavy sigh, my thighs. On the surface, nothing about me is what it was. Where once my skin was taut, there is now definite sagging and that’s in spite of all the squats. Then, there are the hairs, which alarmingly seem to sprout overnight. Frequently on my head but sometimes in other places. All unwanted hair comes out coarse, crinkled and at right angles and not one strand looks as though it belongs.

So what is my point here? And yes, there is one. I guess it’s simply: This Is It. Our lives can only be lived once. Each day of our lives can only be lived once. We really should stop worrying about what’s hidden under our clothing and spend more time enjoying what really matters in life. Why do we spoil our lives by seeking out our imperfections when we could be celebrating ourselves and the magnificence of being women?

Do you know a single man of our age who would look at his reflection and berate himself for it? In my experience, men don’t look for weaknesses but seek out strengths. It’s a much more positive outlook and loving yourself helps others to love you too.

So, next time someone pays you a compliment, for goodness sake don’t bat it straight back with self-deprecation. Instead, let it light a glow within you. Be a strong woman and not a feeble one, don’t focus on the negatives and definitely don’t wait for fate to come and find you. Get behind the wheel and power your own life forward, smiling as you go.