What the stars say: Aquarius


A horoscope with a difference…

January 20th – February 18th

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This month we will be looking at the Decan variations of Aquarius, noting the subtle but distinct differences between the three kinds of Sun-in-Aquarius personalities that cover the time span from when the Sun enters and leaves the ‘Water Bearer’.

The First Decan personality for each and every sign is like an amplification of the sign in general, with a focus on the recognised ruling planet(s). For Aquarius, which has dual-rulership by two planets, this places under the spotlight both the modern, individualistic Uranus and the more traditional, conformist Saturn.

With the Second and Third Decans, there are quite different planets and themes in play, as you will see below. Remember that, if you were born close to the changeover date, from one Decan to another, you may feel a natural affinity with the Decan the day or so before (or after) the date listed. If your date of birth is around the end of Aquarius, for example, you may be at the crossover point into the First Decan of Capricorn, making that sign’s First Decan ruling planet characteristics also significant for you.

First Decan of Aquarius


Two planets, Saturn and Uranus, jointly sub-rule this section of the zodiac and the
First Decan of Aquarius therefore has a strong sense of duty as well as a powerful need for freedom and independence.

This can mean that you feel compelled to do things your own way and to stamp your identity on situations. At times and places where this cannot easily happen, you may well mount your rebellion campaign! But more often than not you will fight on behalf of others or go champion a good cause. Powerfully resilient at the core, you frequently withstand shocks better than most can.

Second Decan of Aquarius


Mercury is the planetary sub-ruler of this section of Aquarius, suggesting a very powerful need for communication. This can relate to an ongoing dialogue within self, or more externally with others.

For some Second Decan Aquarians it’s the personal connection that matters; for others it will be more about handling information and keeping on top of developing trends. You may need to be first in line for the latest iPhone, or just have to keep in constant contact with friends and family. Internally, meditative processes and prayer may be valuable keys to a sense of personal or universal harmony.

Third Decan of Aquarius


As Venus sub-rules this area of the zodiac, Third Decan Aquarians generally aim to please and will give a lot to others. You also know how to radiate a high level of charm and use it to your advantage.

You may be drawn to the world of beauty in some special way. It can instantly raise your spirits to look at beautiful things, dress up, play with make-up, or paper and pencils, make collages or dab around some wax or paint. Shiny surfaces, light atmospheres, spectacular, sunny horizons and sparkle in any form bring an energy boost and sense of wellbeing.

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