Looking for Love?

mirror on the wallNot-so-young, single and looking for love?

It’s not always easy to find new romance.

Carol Waterkeyn’s funny poem captures the anguish of the not-so-young female looking for love.



Looking for a new soul mate

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Can you see my hurt at all?
Can you read between the lines?
My face is marked by sadder times

When love is lost, it’s a cert.
A line appears to mark the hurt,
Had to leave that guy behind
Too much anguish; he wasn’t kind.

That’s the past, I’m looking again
For love that doesn’t bring such pain.
Where do I find my handsome prince?
‘Paper, internet? It makes me wince,
Nightclub or café, maybe a pub?
I’m no spring chicken; there’s the rub.

Where are all the decent men?
I just want to start again
A lover to stop me feeling down
Yet I won’t appeal with that big frown.

Maybe I should try a smile
There that’s better by a mile.
That line has gone, looking better.
Should I then go post a letter

To the paper’s “soul mate” page?
Have I really reached that stage?
But, will it appeal if the ad is read?

… Oh maybe I’ll get a dog instead!

By Carol Waterkeyn
This was inspired by some of my friends. I’m actually happily married!

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