Astrological Inspiration

Astrological Inspiration for February 2016

new moonFebruary’s Aquarius New Moon occurs on the 8th, helping us to turn a new page. The Moon is a powerful symbol of femininity, motherhood and the creative impulses that go with it. It doesn’t really matter whether we are actual mothers or not; the primary urge to create lies within every woman. In many ways this is a primal, basic, wild energy and if it is not allowed some sort of expression, it can cause us problems.

Perhaps it is for this reason that many women feel trapped within frameworks and set-ups that feel too narrow and restrictive. Some situations do just have to be lived with, of course, and we need to operate within a set of rules or agreements, otherwise there would be chaos. But the creative aspect in human nature is a wellspring of vitality, if we can only allow it some room to breathe.

This month’s new Moon is strongly linked with the fiery planet Mars, so there may be a way to cut through any binding situation that has become too much – and find a new path of freedom. This applies as much mentally and emotionally as in any physical, tangible sense. Apparently ‘negative’ episodes or behaviours may turn out to be power pushes through new doorways. It may be, for example, that we need not worry about a flare up with someone; it will prove to be a breakthrough in some way. If we’re lucky, we will notice before any dramatic fuse is blown that the circuit needs attention – and will offer ourselves a creative route of expression that lets the fire out in a chosen, damage-limiting way.

It is worth remembering, too, that with anything we have felt riled about lately, we can use that fiery energy now to take positive action, moving through and beyond any previous fear that has kept us frozen and stuck. Fortune favours the bold, as the saying goes!

Tarot Cross Check

Tarot cardsWe use the system of Numerology to find the numbers of corresponding Tarot cards and, for our new Moon date this month it is 8 that matters, along with 11 and 19. In Tarot these numbers correspond to: Strength, Justice and the Sun.

Strength traditionally depicts a woman grappling with a lion’s jaws, rather as though she is trying to feed him something – although some people view the theme of Strength as taming the wild beast, the animal nature within us. However that may manifest in an untamed – and perhaps threatening – way.

Justice is shown by a woman holding the scales and a sword, evocative of the ‘pound of flesh’ theme expressed by Shakespeare’s character Shylock, the money lender, in the Merchant of Venice. We could argue that Shylock’s aim is to uphold the law, but he seems willing to do so at any price, without human compassion or reasonable allowance for Antonio’s lot. Loan sharking is alive and well in today’s economy, so it is not a theme that has died out, unfortunately.

So how do we get from here to the warm, open-hearted, joyful place that is XIX The Sun, depicted as a child riding naked on a white horse on a sunny day, with splendid sunflowers providing the only needed shade? Actually, the card, if reversed, could carry the warning to not fly too close to the sun. So there is the need to listen to the sensible voice within, that wants to tame the ‘beast’ that will maybe have been shopping in the January sales, racking up the credit card bill – and perhaps now is drawn to an expensive break in the sun, to radiate away the winter blues!

Who can blame anyone for wanting to find little pleasures and routes to cheer during a season known to be associated with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)? But maybe there are ways to be happy without straining the coffers. Anything that raises endorphins, such as meditative activity, exercise, or helping out a friend, could be a good place to start.

The three cards together also seem to evoke the exploits of the gallant knight, wrangling with beasts, fighting for justice, and then riding off into the sunset on his charger towards the next adventure!