Ditch the old bag!


Maggie Steel on why she is a loose leaf tea believer

Tea – the best drink of the day. Or at least, it used to be. But, sadly, modern life is getting in the way, and many of us are not getting the most out of our cuppas. Most of us have fallen into the Tea Trap. We have forsaken loose leaf tea, and are welded to our time-saving tea bags.

Loose leaf tea tastes infinitely better than tea bag tea, for a good reason. The latter is often made with fannings. Sounds OK until you work out that fannings is actually just a posh word for dust. Until the tea bag was patented in 1904, this tea dust used to be swept off the factory floor and disposed of. Now we drink it.

On top of a loss in taste, there is another major downside to most tea bags – a major reduction in the health benefits from your dusty cuppa. Whole leaf tea is full of anti-oxidants. Tea is right up there with artichokes and cabbage, but I know what I’d rather be digesting.

Perhaps the most powerful reason for returning to loose leaf tea is how it can benefit our state of mind. If we are too busy to make ourselves or our friends a decent pot of loose leaf tea, then something is up with our lives.

loose-leaf-tea-wikimediaI’m no meditator but after years of rushing round relentlessly, vainly pretending there are 36 hours in every day, I finally understand the benefits of the tactical pause. To the outside world, it may look like I’m achieving nothing in the three minutes it takes for my pot of tea to brew. But I’m doing the most important thing of the day – reconnecting with the moment. I finally stop doing, and start being. I’m re-cup-erating.

So, I for one have ditched the Old Bag and I’m never going back! There is great loose leaf tea out there, and the best bit is you can buy from companies that also ensure it is fairly traded and sustainably grown. In other words, it’s good tea! Try Trumpers Tea for instance. Run by a fabulous woman who believes in tea and believes in people.

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