Jeanne Ellin: Notes from an Older Woman, Week 6

Jeanne Ellin: Age Shall Not Wither Her

jeanne ellinJeanne Ellin is a 68 year old poet living on the basic pension, in sheltered accommodation, with Little Cat Friday and a menagerie of chronic health conditions for companions. Her ambition is to live a happy, satisfying, creative life. Join her for her journey through 2016.

“What is it like to be old?”

I told them it was a real adventure. Scary, uncomfortable, uncertain, with real Dragons and real Treasure.

12 February 2016: Deliveries and Daffodils

daffodilBeing inside for several days my observations have been very small scale and window wide. A daffodil with its trumpet kissing the grass after a stormy night. Over several days it has raised up
inch by green inch. When I was able to go out past it, was happy to see it guardsman upright and no obvious damage to its petals.

I find this very encouraging, oh and it confirms Rogerian theory that there is a basic force towards healing and light which infuses all living things. Think of potatoes sprouting in dark cellars.

If I have misunderstood or got this wrong DON’T TELL ME! This idea is a great comfort and as far as I know hurts no-one.

I get a lot of deliveries from various firms who often use self-employed drivers. All are chronically pressed for time. All are polite with my slow door answering, many warn me of a weighty parcel or assure me that it is light. Some even offer to bring a heavy one indoors for me.

I always tell them their concern, courtesy and help is much appreciated. By their surprised smiles, they do not get much appreciation. Food deliveries are a particular boon. Not so available when I first became ill. It took some perseverance to manage the online shopping aisles, but it is worth the effort.

My supermarket delivery driver was very willing to bring the many bags into my kitchen, telling me horror stories of third floor deliveries in houses with no lifts. He expanded on his previous delivery where an apparently fit and well-muscled young man watched his many trips up several floors and never offered a hand. Happy to do this for you he reassured me, but ‘Look at me! I’m a narrow guy.’ Indeed he was young, pale and thin. The broadest part of him was his woolly hat!

jeanne's piles of booksBooks can also be bought online. A terrible temptation and I do succumb. Books on art and history are my weakness. Many of these are not available from the library. Most are reference only.

Oh the richness of images! I enjoy artists’ biographies too. It is sort of encouraging how many artists worked through old age, pain or disability. They had this condition or that, poverty, isolation, were unappreciated AND still they made beauty. Things happen, situations are not ideal or easy AND what wonders they created.

Music gets delivered too. Since my last radio got demolished, I thought I would just yearn a bit and start saving. Was window-shopping online when to my delight found a sale special offer. A small DAB for under £30! So now I will learn how to program it with the promise of world radio stations to supplement my basic diet of R3, R4 and R4 extra.

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