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t4w TV and Radio weekly top five
20/02 – 26/02/2016

In t4w recommends… A veritable smorgasbord to entice us this week.


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TV Picks


Saturday 20 February 23.00-12.35
Film: The Ides of March
George Clooney and Ryan Gosling (control yourselves ladies!) show their great acting chops in a heavyweight but succinct political thriller.

Tuesday 23 February 22.50-12.10
David Blane: Real or Magic
Dynamo is good but Mr Blane is the daddy. Even Stephen Hawking can’t work it out.

BBC iPlayer
Enthralling doc about something that is so much more than a bonkers horse race around a piazza in Sienna.

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Radio Picks


Saturday 20 February 14.15- 15.00
Radio 4 Extra
An Englishman Abroad
An Alan Bennet play about Guy Burgess starring Michael Gambon and Penelope Wilton – A heady mix

Sunday 21 February  21.30-22.00
Radio 4
Analysis: Inheritance
There are more important issues about this than you would think. 30 minutes is hardly enough.

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