A Poem for Mother’s Day


A gentle reminder for Mother’s Day

Think carefully before you criticize your children!


“You’re half-baked and it’s time someone told you.”
What me? Yes.

Who wrote that? To me?

Not my tutor, disappointed with my grades.
Not my misogynistic boss or my rancorous ex.
Not even political enemies or jealous siblings.

But my mother. My own dear mother.

Not a missile fired out in the heat of exchange.
Not a mistake, rectified immediately.

But a pre-meditated swipe.

Written, folded, stamped and posted.
To me.
By my mother.

So then, I’m half-baked.
It’s a fact, must be. She said it. Half-baked.

Truth changes … didn’t you know?
Absolutes – no way. Depends who’s in charge.

So then. Let’s see. Half-baked?
Begs a question. Or two. Even twenty years on.

Who was the baker? Who is responsible for this mess?
What was the missing ingredient? What went wrong?

Was it the yeast that was forgotten?
Or something else?
That magic ingredient which would have helped me rise to your standards.

If I’m half-baked
Blame the baker.