Astrological Inspiration: March 2016

Astrological Inspiration for March 2016

new moonMarch’s new Moon occurs on the 9th at 18 degrees – just after midway through – the Water sign of Pisces. It is quite a special Moon because it eclipses the Sun. In ancient cultures eclipses were feared, as the symbolism of the Sun’s light being blocked suggested a bad harvest.

In our modern, scientific world we don’t tend to see things so literally or symbolically – although we possibly cannot ignore the fact that weather patterns, which do affect crops, might be related to planetary pushes and pulls. However, we are free to access symbolic information across many areas of experience and, if we do so, may be able to tap into a richer vein of existence.

This is, after all, what we may already do quite unconsciously when reading literature, watching a play or film or contemplating a piece of art. We find meaning in what we observe and hear – sometimes the author’s meaning and sometimes our own. We can choose to accept or ignore that information. But when it’s personal, it’s very likely our intuition speaking to us – which, astrologically, is something of a Pisces theme.

ephemeris chartWe may have a range of reasons for blocking out intuitive messages or not trusting them, yet this vein of extra information may be essential to our survival and wellbeing when we choose to act on it; mothers and friends who sense that something’s wrong with their offspring and pals and respond promptly; anyone who senses danger around a corner and averts it by not going there; that British couple who acted on a sudden whim to purchase a lottery ticket and won £32 million!

An eclipse symbolises the light of the true self (represented by the Sun) blocked momentarily by the feeling currents and trends indicated by the Moon, which can be seen as representative of the collective. We have all, at some time, had that sense of prohibition against something we felt we wanted to say or do – even when nobody was making it explicit.

The message of this eclipse, because it involves planet Jupiter – the astrological symbol for truth – is to pay attention to the truth that is evident in the life situations we now face and, no matter what it may be, remember to hold on to our own truth and see where it can be nurtured and allowed breathing space to ensure we prosper and grow.

Tarot Cross Check

Tarot cardsThe numerology for the month can be calculated to correspond astrological phenomena with the system of archetypal meanings in the Tarot cards, to double check any understanding we have so far gleaned. The calculations give the numbers 21, 3 and 12, which correspond to XXI The World, III The Empress and XII The Hanged Man.

The World echoes the freedom associated with Jupiter and shows a joyful woman seemingly dancing or floating within an oval shaped container. This image links to the idea of the baby in the womb and the individual soul’s need to express itself freely, as this brings joy to the self. The dancer in the World has found her bliss as she has been given a safe environment in which to grow – which is very apt here, because The Empress represents the pregnant mother, able to provide a good environment for her ‘baby’ (whether an actual baby or special project).

The Hanged Man is associated with delay, limbo and sacrifice. Something may have been on hold, or not fully supported, but, if there is a little ‘give’ or offering, we can move on from this stalemate situation and greater growth can ensue.

Reflections: in Life, Health and Writing

The Sun entered Pisces on February 19th and will remain there until March 19th. I have noticed the Pisces Sun energy around lately in situations of clients and friends where they feel all at sea, perhaps where they are about to move into a less structured phase. Or where life has felt overwhelming and they had the sense of almost drowning. For many women this has centred around big career decisions, or challenges on the job or home front – sometimes both.

Dealing with a sea of clutter, trying to manage a career that needs more direction or less rigidity – are just some of the issues at stake. Health wise, the need for nurturing, self-care is ever greater,  including following up on efforts to pin down the cause of mysterious but very real illness symptoms. I am hearing of cases of anorexia hurting young people and bringing parents great worry, as well as people dying far too young from liver disease due to alcohol addiction and other issues.

Where psychological issues are damaging health then maybe intuition and the need for the self to express are being ignored – too much sacrifice, to very great cost.