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t4w TV and Radio weekly top five
19 – 25/03/2016

In t4w recommends… tough week for goodies but do not abandon all hope.


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TV Picks


Saturday 19 March 23.00-0.50
Bill Hicks:Sane Man
If you don’t know the funny, funny, funny work of this man, who died in 1994 – start right here – please.

Monday 21 March 21.00-22.00
Film 4
Film:Changing Lanes
Ben Affleck versus Samuel L. Jackson in very watchable social warfare.

Tuesday 22 March 21.00-22.00
The Beginning and End of the Universe
However often t4w sees docs about the universe, it still remains a mystery. If anyone can solve the problem, Jim Al Khallili can.


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Radio Picks


Saturday 19 March 29  16.00-17.15
Radio 4 Extra
Accidental Death of an Anarchist
There is nobody more anarchic than Ade Edmonson, who stars in this Dario Fo classic.

Tuesday 22 March  11.30-12.00
Radio 4
The Women Who Wrote Rock
The music’s birth seen through female eyes – altogether a better view

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