Astrological Inspiration: April 2016

Astrological Inspiration for April 2016

Diana McMahon Collis provides us with Astrological Inspiration for this coming month.

lightningApril sees us clear of the powerful eclipses of the previous month and into the Aries new Moon on the 7th, with a fresh bout of energy. This New Moon also involves planet Uranus currently moving through Aries, so the sense of sweeping with a new broom is super-powered this April. Uranus is the planet associated with lightning strikes. So the answers to problems may come in a flash, like someone shining light on the issue.

Lightning is a fiery beast too and can pin a person to the spot with electrical magnetism. So, understanding that symbolically, enlightenment may be fast and intense, but not necessarily pain-free. For some people this will mean realising that something really has to change in a particular sphere, may be because it has become tedious or intolerable.

lunar eclipseAnother possible emanation: those who think they know you may witness what they imagine to be a personality change. But it’s more likely a result of revelations during those March eclipses; you now know something new about yourself – or about the world around you – which means there’s a need to act in a different way.

Never mind what other people think! The cue now is to operate from that very special, inner place that marks you out as a unique individual. This time you must do what suits you, what sits well with your heart, rather than trying to fit the safe and familiar mould that other people may want you to remain within.

This process of waking up and changing may not be comfy for others either. But it could bring many of us elements of excitement, exhilaration and freshness – experiences and moments that are going to be compelling and elevating.

MarsThis month also sees Mars and Pluto turning to retrograde motion – apparent moving backward. So, around April 17th and 18th, something, somewhere has brakes on it and a stop sign requires respect. But where these have already held you back, they might just do the reverse and let energy loose again – so, “wagons roll” and go with the flow!

There might also be some light thrown upon a situation where a power struggle has been experienced. It’s going to be hard to know if it’s you or them contributing the most to any tension, but it’s clearly up to you to decide what you’re going to do about it. Pluto reminds us of what has become redundant and meaningless. Aries and Mars offer the energy to make quick changes if need be. A new project or relationship may deserve more attention and could bring greater satisfaction. And even if, initially, it seems you are walking into a void in leaving a situation behind, or minimising your attachment, you may then be free to carry something valuable into the future. On your travels you may also uncover some hidden treasure that was obscured from view before.

Tarot cardsTarot Cross Check

This month’s numerology emphasises 13, which corresponds to XIII Death in the Tarot cards, strongly in tune with the theme of leaving something behind and moving into a new phase of life.

This seldom represents physical death, although when it occasionally does so, it is usually expected and timely. More often than not, it represents a natural change, which can include the end of a difficult stage in an ongoing situation. The number reduces down to 4, numerologically (1+3), relating to IV The Emperor, builder of new foundations, also linked with the zodiac sign of Aries.

The date of April’s New Moon’s brings 20 into play, linking to Tarot’s XX Judgement card – with the suggestion that the use of keen judgement is helpful in finding our new path or building our empire for the future. The Rider Waite deck’s version of Judgement depicts bodies rising from graves –symbolising the next life, the life into which we are reborn in spirit. Mixed with the Death card, this relates to the life process here on the earth, symbolising a situation finishing or changing shape and a new life form coming for the future. It carries that sense of Plutonic transformation, with the old skin shed just like with a snake. The figures in XX Judgement reach up towards the Sun, giver of life, hope and joy. The message is to have faith, because there is something better on the way and a chance for much more happiness! We simply have to be determined to move forward whilst detaching from the old – which may simply mean putting less emphasis on it.

Reflections: in Life, Health and Writing

targetAreas of stagnation, boredom or other ‘stuck’ and debilitating energy are the targets for change over the coming month. The wonderful thing about these broad-sweeping energies is that, when we experience them in our own reality, we can spot where those changes deserve to happen and in which arena of life. It can be in a love relationship, a job situation, a domestic set up, in the realm of a hobby – or even in a whole plethora of areas, if need be. But the welling up of energy is usually unmistakable.

Those who are super-sensitive, the naturally intuitive, HSPs (Highly Sensitive People) and those used to meditation, contemplation, reflection, or psychic work, may have felt it coming and could recognise it almost instantly.

But even if daily life makes it hard to think quietly for long enough to pick up the scent of any roses, as it were, or indeed anything that isn’t smelling so good, it – whatever it is – will likely start showing itself in the need for more clear-cut decisions and actions. The good news is that they may come more easily, too. No more debating, negotiating, worrying or sabotaging. No more changing your mind back and forth. Plans will tend to come together fast and be implemented just as quickly. This can carry through into the health realm, with willingness to try a new procedure – or saying yes to an intervention that previously there was hesitation about – and finding it works wonders.

For budding writers, the message is to get that draft completed and send your manuscript where it needs to go – ‘make it so’!

For Star Trek fans, take a leaf out of Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s book! He may be only a fictional character, but one of his strong characteristics is that he is able to take the initiative quickly. According to Wikipedia, he does have a birthday: 13 July 2305 in La Barre, France, Earth (no time given) which means, of course, that he has the Moon in Aries!