Food Secrets

Tessa shares her food secrets and a favourite recipe…

Tessa How often do you shop?

I shop once a week – it takes me twenty minutes. My husband waits in the car as he cannot cope with being in my shop of choice for too long and then I ring him for him to come in and bag pack as I find that the most threatening aspect of the experience!

In person or by internet?

In person – unless I am going on holiday when I will arrange a delivery shop to the holiday cottage.

Supermarket loyal or supermarket slut?

I tend to prefer Aldi at the moment but that was after a long term relationship with Morrisons so I am easily tempted away….

Do you buy from independent food shops?

I buy as much as I can afford from farm shops as a rare treat…and spices and lentil from an Indian shop if I am in the vicinity

Do you food plan or are you an impulse shopper?

I plan when I am dieting….so currently no plan, and often end up with a very similar shop each week!

Did you buy anything different or outlandish this week?

I have fallen in love with tiny peppers stuffed with cream cheese recently and they fell into my trolley this week …

tessa leeksWhat are the top five things you couldn’t leave the supermarket without?

Exotic fruit muesli, eggs, lemons, leeks and fruit and nut chocolate

What are your guilty food secrets?

Cheese and onion crisps – this has early roots as I used to have an arrangement going with a classmate when I was ten years old that he would give me his packet of cheese and onion crisps from his packed lunch in return for a kiss – on a daily basis. This accounts for much in my life since.

Are you a brand snob?

No – probably an inverted snob as I love reduced bargains…..

Do you take into account seasons and food miles when you shop?


Favourite meal?

Pork fillet coated in mustard and herb, baked – with roasted sweet potato and leeks

cup of earl greyDo you have to cater for a specific diet – ie coeliac, vegetarian, dairy free.

Not any more although I had to do dairy, egg and nut free diet for the first twelve years of my son’s life – so I cooked everything from scratch and became something of an expert in flapjacks and a chocolatey pudding that he could eat….

Cup of tea or glass of wine?

Tea – always tea – preferably Earl Grey.

Do you ever throw food away or are you a Goddess with leftovers?

Leftovers…..not a problem in our house really….

Do you have a favourite cookbook and/or celebrity cook/chef?

I love watching Mary Berry on telly because she her life seems so ordered and peaceful ….but I always go to Delia for the recipes!!

tessa smoked salmon pastaCan you give us a recipe? Short and sweet or long and complicated – you decide.

Four ingredients…..smoked salmon, mozzarella, frozen peas and spaghetti. Very little energy!


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