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30/04/2016 – 06/05/2016

In t4w recommends… A week of great docs and not great films.


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TV Picks


Saturday 30 April 20.00-21.40
Bin Laden: Shoot to Kill
The real life Zero Dark Thirty. In fact, it doesn’t get more real than this. Includes a interview with the President himself.

Sunday 1 May 22.30-23.30
PBS America
The Secret World of Gold
Gold is just so fascinating. Why is it surrounded by such secrecy and just how much gold is actually out there?

Tuesday 3 May  22.00-23.30
Oak Tree: Nature’s Greatest Survivor
Wonderful look at the self-contained universe that is the oak tree. Good old fashioned insight abounds.


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Radio Picks


Sunday 1 May 21.00-22.00
Classic FM
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Classical Music
An interview with Meryl Streep. It is very unlikely that your time will be wasted listening to this.

Tuesday 3 May 16.00-16.30
Radio 4
Great Lives
Ever heard of Christine Granville? t4w hasn’t either. Beauty queen turned spy. A great life indeed.

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