Astrological Inspiration: May 2016

Astrological Inspiration for May 2016

Diana McMahon Collis provides us with Astrological Inspiration for this coming month.

new moonMay 2016’s New Moon lands between a connection to epic, joyful Jupiter and another to the dwarf- yet-potent planet, Pluto. Occurring on the sixth of the month, this lunar sandwich adds up to something that, in ‘astrologese’, we call a Grand Earth Trine.

In plain English, it’s an equilateral triangle in the earthy zodiac signs – the ones that deal with the practicalities of life and turning thoughts, dreams and hopes into realities, pretty or otherwise. It means there’s a nice little circuit in the skies, which brings together a range of human qualities: a deep, emotional response, instinct, hope, faith and release.

With Pluto involved there may be purging to be done, and a leap into the void. That usually means not knowing the outcome ahead, which takes some guts. But sometimes we do have to explore the empty space before we spot what we want.


Photo by Wolfgang Sauber

The planets have been linked with myths, gods and goddesses through their Roman names and Greek counterparts. In the myth of Persephone, who ends up taken into the Underworld by the god Hades (the Greek counterpart of Pluto, from Homer’s epic poem the Odyssey), various themes include not only abduction but also abandonment – in response to the abduction and rape of her daughter, Persephone/Proserpina’s mother abandons her task of planting seeds for crops to provide food.

As a result, the welfare through nourishment of animals and fellow humans is abandoned, as she tends to her sorrow about her daughter. For Persephone there is a loss of soul or self, or at least a fear of loss of the self as, in becoming Hade’s bride, she must do his bidding. It is Zeus/Jupiter who finally brokers a deal between Demeter/Ceres (Mother Earth) and Hades, with the mother agreeing that Persephone can spend six months of the year with Hades/Pluto and the other six with her, assuring everyone can be happy and that there is enough food throughout the year.

The myth is powerfully linked with the qualities of the seasons (and the idea of a field left fallow in farming). Jupiter and Pluto around the New Moon conjure up some related themes, so that we need to look at any area where responsibility has been abdicated or, even, where too much power has been used to try to control a situation and we need to relax measures. Since Jupiter has a connection with justice, at either end of the scale extremes won’t do and there needs to be greater balance. Pluto is also linked with obsession; when someone fears abandonment then, at a deep level, he or she may become obsessed with something. Perhaps someone else is obsessed with us, or an aspect of our behaviour. Or maybe we can’t leave something alone. Obsession creates compulsive behaviour and a claustrophobic atmosphere. But all of this may change when the issue of abandonment fear is addressed.

 sad child on her ownThe child within – the holder of the memories and feelings we have from many Moons ago – is usually the part of the personality that fears abandonment and who needs the most reassurance. Such reassurance can come from other people, but, if other people won’t or can’t help, we may need to look at ways in which we can create a sense of care and safety for ourselves. It may operate through the adult part of the personality within, protecting the child’s rights and offering a voice that comforts by letting the child know she/he matters and is cared for and safe. For many adults and their ‘inner’ children, much should seem clearer and even easier from as soon as May 9th, when Jupiter moves to forward motion, again in the sensible, down-to-earth sign of Virgo. As this points to details, we need to be more painstaking in some way, but this is as easy as realising we mustn’t miss out a step. This is often a good tool for cutting through procrastination, too – frequently, the quickest and easiest way to tackle a big job, that seems like a mountain, is to simply take the first step!

Tarot Cross Check

Tarot cardsMay’s numerology gives 14, corresponding to XIV Temperance in the Tarot cards, a card of safeguarding and balance; a protective, angelic figure pours water from one golden cup to another, to find the ‘right measure’.

In reduction to 5 we link to V The Hierophant, a spiritual figure in the Tarot, emphasising a mentor or moral guidelines. We are encouraged to engage the purity of the heart and act according to integrity and sound ethics. The New Moon date of the 6th specifically brings 20 into the mix – a number that has appeared over and over in recent months, linking to XX Judgement. We have to use judgement when we can’t know the exact outcome or repercussions, which requires faith and trust – wonderful Jupiterian qualities! This is about carefully weighing options, listing the pros and cons, having reality checks and working towards sound conclusions.

Since the angel in Temperance has a foot in a pool of water, we need to dip a toe into something in order to have a taste of what it will involve – these details will all assist with crucial decision making. To help win others over, we may need to paint a clearer picture, or offer samples, examples or real-life experiences. The Hierophant depicts crossed keys, representing access to a personal heaven on earth – perhaps on this occasion it is through feeling that the right path is being trodden and the best choice (at least for us) is being made.

Reflections: in Life, Health and Writing

Many people have a fear of abandonment, whether completely conscious of it or not. When it’s an unconscious belief, there may be denial, which can mean that the hidden fear is expressed in the strangest, most paradoxical of ways. For example, adoring the partner who cannot commit, or the outgoing friend who seems to pull away as soon as you try to get a little closer in the friendship. The good news is, whenever this happens, you can be pretty sure it’s them and not you! The response is likely an automatic reaction, coming from a deep seated fear of suffocation and loss of self – the ultimate abandonment since, if the self has no room to breathe, it can’t really exist and becomes frozen at best.

heart on a treeMost humans also need love and to know that they are not alone – at least for when it comes to some of the harder challenges of life. Many of us hope that someone will be there to care and to lend a helping hand if we really need it. How can we work towards this? It may help to begin by not going after those connections that show all the signs of drying up every time we try to connect more deeply. There are other fish in the sea, after all! We can simply wake up to where someone is taking a keener interest and respond to them.

Equally, once into a new friendship or relationship – or working on an existing one that’s difficult at times – we can create positive boundaries. These may include appreciating when someone else requires their own space for a while, or has a need to find their own answers, as well as asserting when we desire the same for ourselves. In the realms of health, freedom to breathe involves not only the lungs, but also the heart and digestive system, with the autonomic nervous system regulating so much of the flow and activity between organs.

A sense of oppression links with fear, making the heart go faster and causing the appetite to disappear. But when we are free to draw deep, slow breaths, it can bring instant relief and reset the balance in several areas at once. Meditation, yoga, Pilates and mindfulness can all be handy tools if we feel suffocated by a situation around us. Taking a little time out to use slow, deep breathing, stretching or muscle relaxation helps to restore equilibrium and normal circulation.

fountain penWriters will be all too familiar with the frustrations of so-called ‘writers block’, yet the principle here is just the same. If we put too much pressure on writing, it can’t flow so easily. Next time you are having trouble with that paragraph, chapter or even just opening up the laptop to begin any writing, resolve to take some time out to do something else that you like. It will help to reset the system at some level, restoring a sense of wellbeing and, ultimately, helping the creative juices to surge again.